Like Clive Barker doing the Wombles*

VOTE FOR THEM NOW!!!Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I actually watched the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest last night... Well, no, I am kinda ashamed, but you know, I watched it so you didn't have to, flicking over from An Audience With Victoria Wood when the adverts were on, and back again. And all to behold the majesty that is Lordi -- the proud sons (and daughter) of Finland, who dress up like monsters and play early eighties heavy metal. And to think, if Googling Brother hadn't left that comment yesterday I never would have known.

I'd take my hat off to the people of Finland, if I hadn't lost it in a pub years ago. It's genius! Who else would have thought of electing a bunch of heavy-metal-ists in full OTT Hellraiser-style costumes to represent their country in a cheesy, plinkity-plonkity pop competition? GENIUS! If I could be arsed to phone up and vote, I'd be voting for them!

Call me cynical, but I bet they're one of the few acts in the whole bloody competition who can actually play their own instruments, instead of miming along with vapid fixed grins. No fixed grins for the Finnish entry, they're too busy trying to look scary in their eleven-inch platform heels and full horror makeup. Hurrah for Lordi!

Go, proud sons (and daughter) of Finland, Halfhead salutes you!

* Actually, that sounds quite rude.