I should have had money on it

Ha, ha! Eurovison will never be the same again! Thank Christ. Lordi romped home last night (obviously if it wasn't for my bearded endorsement they'd never have won, but I'm still waiting for that 'thank you' phone call from their lead monster). Nine to one the bookies were offering yesterday, but did I take them up on it? Nooooo. Because She Who Must Have Every Key In The House was off with... well, every key in the house (clue's in the name) so Mr Stuart here was stuck in Casa MacBride. *sigh* No large piles of free money for me.

munch, munch, munch...How does it feel to be in the Eurovision Song Contest?

"You know, we are meat eaters in a vegetarian café,"

(I wonder if they nibbled on any of the other acts in the green room.)

Still, the important thing is that the mighty sons (and daughter) of Finland rocked to victory over the usual bland nonsense that always fills the Eurovision song contest. Yes the singing might have been a bit guttural, but at least it was in tune, which is more than could be said for some of the acts poncing around the stage with fixed smiles. Seriously, a good few of them were bloody dreadful: you could have ironed on their voices they were so flat. Painful... and yet at the same time, it wouldn't be the same if everyone could actually sing. But I do feel sorry for the poor sods, stood up there dressed in white (which appears to be the new black, again) singing off key. Especially as the rest of Europe seems to take the whole competition so seriously.

And no one went home with null point for a change, not even the freaky-looking scary bloke from Malta.

In fact the only really disappointing performance of the night was Terry Wogan. I think someone hid all the alcohol, or told him he had to behave this year, because he barely said a word throughout the thing. Shame, we always liked the part where he took the piss out of the whole thing the best. Which used to be the bit between the third song -- when a bottle of gin and another of whiskey arrived -- and the end. In-between, nothing but piss-taking. This year he was nice to pretty much everyone. *again sigh*

Still the whole things remained cheesier than a warehouse full of gorgonzola, and Lordi WON! What more could we ask for?

Fingers crossed next year it's going to be wall-to-wall heavy metal and people in silly costumes!