That has to be something of a record

Yup, DYING LIGHT's not being launched until tomorrow and it's not officially published till the week after, but already someone's emailed me pointing out something I've got wrong. How freaky is that? A week before publication... Yes, so he also says: "...up to and including page 121, it's pretty damn good." and there are other nice things in his message, but that doesn't disguise the fact that I've screwed up.

To be honest I don't think it's a huge screw-up. Not on the scale I usually have to measure my screw-ups by, anyway, but it's still a screw-up. Who knew CS gas doesn't work on animals? Come on: show of hands... Anyone?

Yeah: now that I've said it you've all got your hands up pretending to know better than the daft beardy writer boy, but I know you're telling fibs.

I'm guessing the reason Lloyd (my correspondent and an officer with Grampian police) knows about the efficacy of CS gas on the fauna of these sceptred isles is that he's probably tried it out. Much better than getting your throat ripped out by some enraged Doberman. If it was me I'd be trying it out on any rabbit that even looked at me funny. Take that, Mr. Bunny! That'll teach you for being a leery, staring bastard! Ha! Yeah, you're not so bloody tough now are you, with your twitchy nose and little fluffy tail!

And that's something else that freaks me out: the thought that real police people in Grampian -- who are in a position to spot a lot of my cock-ups -- are reading my books. I've got a couple of emails from police officers about the book(s) and each time I keep waiting for them to launch into a 'what the hell were you thinking?' rant. But they've always been very nice.

Like I said: weird.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a launch to get ready for. I need to primp my beard and look out my lucky pants* for tomorrow. Then do that thing with the tea bags on the eyes you always see on the telly, only they never have cold tea dripping into their lugholes, do they? Cheating bastards.

* They're red, if you're interested. I have no idea why these are supposed to be 'lucky pants' but She Who Must Be Humored In Case She Has A Knife, decided a while back that red pants should be worn to interviews and events in order to ward off evil spirits. She's from Fife and it's easier not to argue with her. Safer too.