Sex and cookies

Not both at the same time though, you just end up with crumbs in your personal niches. Which is fine if you're into that sort of thing, but I'm not. No, today I have been writing the former and eating the latter. It's easier than doing it the other way round.

I made oatmeal and raisin cookies yesterday. Don't know why, just felt like the thing to do as a bit of a break from the old writing malarkey. Very 'noir' of me, don't you think? Of course, we didn't have any raisins and the car's in getting it's wheely-thingies fixed (complicated mechanical stuff, I could explain it to you, but you wouldn't understand) after She Who Must Strike Each And Every Pothole In The Road At Very High Speed has been driving it for a couple of months. So I couldn't go get any and had to make do with leftover mixed fruit and peel stuff from Christmas and some nasty waxy American chocolate drop things my brother gave us about two years ago instead. And very nicely they came out too*.

Today I've been getting my strength back by shovelling the things down my throat like they were antibiotics. Washed on their merry way with gallon after gallon of tea. Mmm, wholesome.

I've also been writing sex. Or at least writing a prelude to sex, which has been fun, but very, very embarrassing because one character is taking it all very seriously and the other is putting on an Australian accent and taking the piss. But then again, that's sex for you.

On the non-sexual front, the book now weighs in at 112,706 words and I'm beginning to think that I'm not going to miss my deadline by as much as I'd previously thought. Yea, the operations and the bleeding have put a huge dent in my wordcount, but I seem to be getting over it. The book won't make 165,000 words as I'd hoped -- not unless I start waffling shamelessly -- but it's going to be finished. Hopefully in the next three weeks.

I'm determined not to sweat if it's a tiny bit over deadline -- especially as mine lovely editors have told me that they like the book so far. Which is always nice to hear. And it means I'm probably not going to have to completely re-do large chunks of it.

I think another 30,000 words (max) and this book will be ready to face the first draft board: Agent Phil and Mr James. Thence to HarperCollins, and hopefully a happy editorial team. And after that I'll be off the antibiotics, so it'll be champagne and otters' nipples all the way!

* Incidentally, anyone got a recipe for those nice, chewy American-style cookie things. Not the oatmealy ones, the other kind. I tried posting the question on Lynn's Friday Question Fest, but I don't think people grasped the very, very serious nature of the question. Mr Stuart needs to know!