Like Helen of Troy, only with a beard... and no boobs

Yes, today I are mostly being launching things. This morning it was Adult Learners' Week which was pretty cool. They had it in the Toll Booth -- the old jail for Aberdeen dating back to the Seventeenth Century -- and when all the photos were done we got a private tour by Chris the curator. Bwahahahahaaaaa! The perks of being a local 'celebrity' open brackets, "ha, ha", close brackets. But it was very interesting and I'm really going to have to use the place in a book. Far too good a location to miss.

The second ship on my slipway (see -- making that metaphor work for its money) is the launch of DYING LIGHT tonight. Which is a bit ironic, given that it's already for sale in Waterstones, Ottakar's and Costco, etc. But hopefully we'll do a brisk trade at the event, or I may never get another one ;}# Ah yes, I am that shallow.