It is decided

Books four five and six from the bearded brain and finger factory are going to be Logan ones. We've decided to follow the Billingham model, only without the embarrassing stint on Maid Marian and Her Merry Men*.

Who's a pretty boy then?
Mark was beginning to wish he'd spent more time at home, polishing his helmet...

So it'll be another three books before I break out into standalone country. Which I suppose makes it easier to go back to work part time later in the year. I've asked for a six month extension to my leave of absence from INoGITCH, so I can do the post-launch publicity stuff, go to the States for SMP, and generally act like a bearded egomaniac. It passes the time.

Plus I may have a super secret announcement this time next week about something I'm possibly going to be working on. Depends on how we all get on at a big, 'envisioning' meeting thing.

In other news, blackbirds are stupid, and my cat is scared of them. Plus she wouldn't chase a pair of fat bastard pigeons out the garden this morning. So she's in the dog house. Or she would be if I had one. Maybe I'll build one.

* Actually, who am I kidding -- I'd have LOVED to have done that.