In which I am reminded...

Looking out the study window this weekend I'm put in mind of my favorite crap review from

2 out of 5 stars Warm Granite?, June 6, 2005
Reviewer: A reader from Scotland
Dear Mr MacBride,

Aberdeen was named Scotland's sunniest city in 2004.

Always makes me smile. I mean. When did you last see such an insightful review of a book? Cuts straight to the core of things. Especially as I sit here in April watching the bloody snow come down. Like big, fat flakes of wet confetti, swirling down from a sky the colour of clay. Yesterday morning She Who Must Go See The Boy Rat, As He's Off The Legs At The Moment had to scrape about a foot of snow off the car before heading off.

Aberdeen weather at its finest. Of course by about five in the afternoon there wasn't a single sign of snow -- not even rogue snowmen on their way to the north pole, just a vast expanse of wet and cold.

Of course the big shocker with the above weather-forecast review (other than the fact that whoever it was just didn't get that the book was set in the depths of winter) is that it doesn't mention Ian Rankin. Not once... Still, only three weeks to go before DYING LIGHT is out in the UK -- so I'm willing to bet the RFFF* will be out in force once more, sharpening their little pointy sticks to have another go at the upstart from Aberdeen ;}# It's quite sweet really. I think I'll be a bit disappointed if no one has a go this time...

Maybe they think I'll pee in his pint at Harrogate?

* Rankin Fanatic Freedom Front