I'm going to have to give the website a major overhaul I think. Especially the contact section. Give people the option to have 'public' and 'private' messages. You know the sort of thing, if you want to say, "See that MacBride he's shite!" you can click the 'share my message of hate with everyone' button, or you can be more intimate… wink, wink. But the idea will be that I'll post replies to questions there. Kinda like a little dialogue thing, without all the malarkey of a forum.

Speaking of which, I got this message yesterday:

ALAN WHITE posted this on Friday 10-Mar-2006
Hi Stuart , I am an Independent Bookseller in Brighton . I had some copies of Cold Granite with drawings in them , is it possible to send you a small box of Dying Light when published for signature and drawings ? I can have the books collected from your house so you are not put to too much trouble . I look forward to hearing from you . best wishes Alan

Which is nice, but of course the contact form has nowhere for Alan to stick his email address, so I've got NO IDEA how to get back in touch with him. Whereas I could just reply on the site, and tell him:

Hi Alan,

Much better to contact the HarperCollins Customer Services people -- I'll be signing stock at their warehouse and you can get it direct from them (they even take special requests) and you won't have to pay for double postage! Hurrah!


But I can't so I'll just have to hope he pops past here instead. But if he does, how will I know? I'm going to have to give this whole blog / website integration a good hard think.

Come on now, everybody hold hands and close their eyes… is there anybody out there?