Just goes to show how much I know

For I’m not on one panel at Left Coast Crime after all. I’m on two. Yup, I’ll be taking my beard to the cliché panel on the Friday too, where it will growl at anyone making sudden movement, and if enraged, leap into the audience and maul anyone wearing orange.

We were asked about clichés at the Edinburgh Book Festival last year, and I quoted Ian Rankin: ‘alcoholic loner detectives’ which I think was from Bouchercon last year. Or something like that. Some people thought I was having a go at him ;}# Silly sods. Maybe that’s why the RRFFF* hate me so much? Hmm…

Anyone got any clichés they’d like to see made fun of?

Anyway, so now I’m…

Thursday, 16 March - Merchant 5
17:00 - 18:00
Moderator: Michael Z Lewin
Friday, 17 March - Merchant 5
10.30 - 11.30
Moderator: Jan Burke

Incidentally, how come I'm always last on the list? And don't give me any of that 'alphabetical' nonsense. It's a conspiracy I tells ya, a conspiracy!

* Rabid Rankin Fan Fundamentalist Front – not affiliated with the great man in any way. Well, maybe in the same way that Phil Collins fans have a jihad against Buster Billingham. And YET AGAIN, for the record – I like Mr Rankin, he’s a nice chap and writes good books, even if he does need a bloody good haircut. Hippy.