Just for a change

Been too much in the way of nose-oriented whinging round here of late, so today I thought I'd whinge about writing instead. Hahahahaha! Didn't see that one coming, did you?

Well, not so much a whinge, more of an update. I've been finding it difficult to get up much momentum with NDC since the op -- there's too much starting and stopping to mop up blood going on and my head's not working at its 100% best, but I'm still getting there. Only not yesterday. Yesterday, instead of writing new stuff, I was 'finessing'.

Yea, I know having read my books it's difficult to see any signs of finesse, but that don't mean I don't put it in. I'm taking this as a good thing, it means I'm getting towards the point in the book where things are starting to all come together. I recon it's got about four or five days (story time) to go and it'll be finished. And I've got five weeks to do it in. Need to write a day's worth of action every week. No problems, right?

The compulsion to finesse is my way of making the stuff I've already written mesh with what's in my head as it comes to a conclusion. So back to the start I go and weed out all the bits Rob Souter's mum should be, but isn't. Then when I come to the finale of that strand it'll all make sense.

I much prefer to screw about like this as I go -- than come back and catch it in the edit (though I'm sure I'll end up doing a lot of that anyway) -- because it's my first draft that gets submitted to HarperCollins. I like it to be as clean as possible, but with enough rough edges on it to tear skin, if that's what's needed.

Right, now if you'll excuse me I have some blood to mop up, then I think I'll go be woozy for a while. Have fun now...