I may be some time...

Well, today is the day of the big trip to Elgin High School, and I’ve just phoned to check that the school’s actually open. 200 of them shut in the North East today, but not Elgin. Which is good. But there’s a severe weather warning around where I live and a number of roads closed by the snow. Which is not so good. But I have a Daihatsu 4Trak 4X4* thing. Which is good again. Sort of...

So I’m going.

And I’ve decided to give the kiddywinks (ha, 13 and 14 year olds would love that, wouldn’t they? Rampant hormones, RAMPANT!!!) the ‘fog and forest’ scene from DYING LIGHT. Have to watch as I read it though: it contains naughty words. I was going to give them the 05: Gold Rings shortie from the 12 days of Christmas collection… it’s the right length for this kind of thing, but it’s basically just a normal day in a funeral parlour. The twisty bit doesn’t come until the very end and I get the feeling attentions would start to wane.

Right, time to make a thermos of tea and dig out that tartan blanket I snatched from the cold dead hands of a frozen motorist last winter.

If you don’t here from me by teatime, send out the huskies. And dancing girls if you’ve got any**.

* Which is 16 – see, educational me.
** But make sure they wrap up warm, we don't want them catching their deaths now, do we?