"Where do your ideas come from?"

We all get asked that, right? Well now I can show you – inside my head, that's where. Ever seen inside a crime write-ist's head before? Nah, didn't think so. Oh yea, people like Rankin and Billingham and McDermid might win awards, get masses of critical acclaim and have HUGE sales, but none of them show you the inside of their skulls, do they? No.

Well, not that I know of anyway.

But this is me. Apparently the dark-black stuff: that's air, and the grey stuff is soft tissue. So I now have DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE that I actually have a brain! It's been the topic of discussion for a while now, but there you go, I do have one. Pretty isn't it? I've always wanted a picture of the inside of my head. Dunno why.

This image comes to you courtesy of my visit last night to the hospital, where Mr Hussain -- Otolaryngologist to the stars – took great delight in telling me everything that was wrong with my nose and sinuses. And how much of it he wants to hack out with his pointy knife. At least nothing got lubricated and inserted this time. I asked if I could have a photocopy of the scans and he just handed them over. "Here," he says, "just make sure you bring them back when it's time to operate."

Bloody right I will. I'm not keen on someone hacking about inside my head without some sort of roadmap.

The bad news is that I can't have the surgery till the end of March. It could be sooner, but then I'd be in no fit state for Left Coast Crime.

But what do you think? Shall I make it my new author pic?