When there stops being so much ‘Scottish’ on the telly.

Katie Henshall left me a message today:

"Hi there, I am sure this questions has been asked a million times but here it is again:- I picked up your book Cold Granite this weekend and as of now have only stopped reading to work, sleep and eat. Obviously when most people read a book you try to imagine the characters. If you had to choose who would you pick to play Logan in a TV drama?"

Which is great, because it means I don't have to think up something to post about today. Hurrah!

To be honest, I haven't got a bloody clue who I'd get to play Logie. Seriously, not a bloody clue. She Who Must Watch More Telly Than I Do*, suggested that bloke off the Crow Road, Joseph McFadden, but I'm not convinced.

The only person I know I'd really want in the thing is a local actor, Alistair Harvey, who's the spitting image of Desperate Doug MacDuff. Well, except for the tattoos and the milky eye. And he's got the perfect hacking cough to go with it too. I did panto with him for a couple of years (back when one was in one's professional ACTOR phase, Darling) and he'd be great in it.

Other than that... I suppose DI Insch is sort of Robbie Coltrane with a shaven head-ish. DI Steel...? No idea. I'd quite fancy the part of Rennie for myself -- even if I would have to lose the beard -- but then I'm an egotistical little monster. In all likeliness I'd end up being 'Policeman Number Six' with one line: "I don't know, sir." Complete with hammy hand-gestures and gurning at the camera.

How come I'm so crap at this? Probably doesn't help that my memory for names is about as good as your average albatross's grasp of particle physics. So even if I could think of a face off the telly, I'd be stuck here going: "You know, him, the bloke... he was in that thing with Whatsherface... with the teeth and the funny bum?" Drives Fiona MAD when I do that**.

And anyway, it's a moot point until there stops being so much 'Scottish' on the telly. According to one production company Agent Phil spoke to: as long as there's Taggart AND Rebus on the box, the great British public can't cope with anything else set north of the border. Which means any Cold Granite series is a long, long way away.

Shame, I could do with the money ;}#

* That's a lie -- she usually sleeps through most of it.
** Mind you, it's a short trip for her.