Themed like a good idea at the time

Guess what: book three has a theme. How artistically wank is that? Mind you, I didn’t put one in there on purpose. Didn’t sit down at the old computer and say, “Hey, you know what: I’m gonna write me a book with a theme!” Nope, this is one of those accidental theme things. A drive-by themeing if you like. One minute we’re themeless and the next: BINGO, we’re in Themesville, Baby, population you!

That’s what happened with books one and two too. COLD GRANITE turned out to be about ‘redemption’. DYING LIGHT is about ‘revenge’. NDC is about something else. I’d tell you what, but it’d spoil the surprise. And you’d be all like, “Dude, you said this would be a bout Penguins! WTF are the penguins?” And I’ll be all, “Hey, they’re metaphorical penguins.” And you’ll be like, “No way!” and I’ll be like, “Way!” and then it’ll turn out that I’ve been lying the whole time and any penguinyness there was has all been edited out. Leaving the whole book an aquatic sea bird free zone. But still with that faint smell of fish...

And now, because I got bugger all written yesterday (not so much as single word), would anyone like to share the theme of their work in progress, or latest book?