Immortality Up For Auction

Well, I say ‘immortality’, but we both know that’s not 100% accurate: you’re still going to die*. However, you can console your loved ones by leaving behind a mark upon this world, or more accurately Book 3 – AKA: NDC. Yes, I’m teaming up with the good people at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to raise money** by auctioning off a character in NDC.

Amaze your friends, stun your enemies, terrify the people you once had sexual relationships with: appear in a book by Stuart MacBride, alongside Logan McRae and all his jolly chums!

At the JDRF Scotland Ball – which takes place Friday 24th March 2006 at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen – you can fork over your hard earned to get something money just can’t buy*** and help put a good cause into the bargain. And not only do you get to be in the book in English, you get to impress your friends all round the world in lots of different languages.

Of course there is a downside: my books ain’t exactly full of happy smiley people. And NDC features bondage, rape, and bestiality. So it’ll be a fun time had by all.

It’s quite weird writing a book knowing I’ll be making one of the characters a real person. But not knowing which. The auction’s in March, but the book’s not due to be finished till the first of May (ahem, probably...), so there’s lots of scope for writing the person into the end, I suppose.

Actually it’s quite cool to be able to do this kind of thing. God, I’m just so altruistic... or I would be if I could spell it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to restore my karmic balance by robbing an orphanage and peeing through people’s letterboxes.

* That’s a statement of fact, not a threat.
** For them, not for me – before you say anything.
*** And I’m not talking about the love of a good woman – that you can always rent.