HarperCollins, blessed be thy name, have been doing a review thing of the websites belonging to their writers. And lo: I hath been reviewed and found to be ‘not crap’. But HC’s reviewed didst look upon the furrowed fields of mine website and said, “How come this bearded bloke hath not sample chapters from his books? And where is the link to that AuthorTracker thing?” And mine editor didst squint at her monitor for a bit and then agree.

Lo, we are in times of great change! Or we will be when I can get around to doing something about it. Which will be once I’ve got a bit ahead of myself on Book 3 (no longer to be referred to as ‘Dead Centre’ as the title has been judged and found to be wanting).

So, unto thee, mighty commenters and lurkers I do make this plea: “anything else you think I should be adding?” For I have within my mind a plan to get rid of the ‘News’ section, as I post everything here on the blog anyway. Events I shall allow to remain, for they give pointers to mine future bounty! But Short stories will be removed from mine ‘Extras’ bit and given a tab of their own. A-a-aaaaaaamen...