Think Pink

Ah yes, the blessed day approacheth - Nephew Logan has headed back to the great green world of Ireland, so Skeleton Bob is on his way. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after. (Oh Stuart – you tease!)* and in true television fashion, I’ve decided to hype the hell out of it, so you can all be bitterly disappointed when it finally airs and you can see the special effects are a bit ropey and some of the acting is, frankly, pants. Big hairy, old lady pants that smell of lavender and wee.

Now all I need is a big flashy trailer that shows all the best bits, has lots of explosions, and spoils the plot when you see the full thing. Yup, that sounds like the business to me.

Maybe I should try and corrupt other channels too – anyone out there fancy going pink and knitted?

* No: I’m not just doing this because I’ve got nothing better to post about today. How dare you! OK, maybe laziness is partly responsible. Only partly. Honest. It’s all Sky TV’s fault... Leave me alone!