Still too tall

Well, the Edgar shortlists are out, and once more I am too tall. It’s the Daggers all over again I tells ya, in a piratey voice.

But congratulations to those who did make the cut – especially Mr Guthrie – though like a lot of people I’m really surprised to see a Laura Lippman shaped hole in the shortlists. Me, I can understand... but Laura?

Ah well: looking on the bright side, that’s one less thing to gather dust around the house. Think of all the hours cleaning we’ve been spared!

And kudos to St Martin’s for putting me up for it: I promise, should it ever happen again, I’ll find some sort of ditch to stand in, so I don’t look so big. And Laura, if you’re listening, you can come stand next to me*. I promise to keep my hands to myself ;}#

* I was going to say ‘there’s room in my hole for two’, but you know the kind of smutty comments that would get...