Sex and Droogs and Rock and Roll

That Girl, leanin' on a bus stop at the corner of the street...You wait and wait and wait and wait...And then three come along at onceOK, so I lied about the sex and the rock and roll, but hey: one out of three ain’t bad. As Meatloaf sort of said. The tumbleweed spell in our Win Skeleton Bob Stuff’ competition is over! Now, not only do we have John’s homage to my bearded greatness, but That Girl has been spotted in Edinburgh with lots of COLD GRANITEY goodness.

And in a bowler hat as well! How stylish is that?

So remember folks – get your entries in now! Or sooner if you’ve got access to some sort time-travely machine thing. In which case you can drop your photo off along with the winning numbers for this Friday’s Euro Millions Lottery draw... £125,000,000 You could buy a whole box of bowler hats for that!