OK, it's a tiny landmark, but it's a landmark nonetheless

Yes, I’ve crossed an itsy-bitsy Rubicon. Page one hundred of TBFNADC* has come and gone – vwooooooom... Well, maybe not ‘vwooooooom’, but probably the same sound effect you’d get by applying an industrial belt sander to any reasonably overweight politician.

Dunno why, but I always think that the first hundred are some of the hardest pages to write. Especially when you consider that it’s less than 20% of the total length of the book. Yup, I’m aiming at 165,000 words for TBFNADC**. That’ll mean I can cut a good 10% out in the editing, and still hit my contractual length.

Of course, what’s probably going to happen is that I’ll make the story as long as it needs to be, and worry about it then. But I’m hoping it’s not going to come in much under 130,000. I have my reputation to consider, after all.

But right now I’m on target to make my 165,000 words by the time my deadline looms over the horizon looking for small dogs and children to eat. MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH!!! And then I’ll be back to work. Which is actually more of a deadline than my deadline. And then Dying Light will be out and all will be well with the world (except in certain parts of East Anglia, where herds of rampaging weevils will decimate the local knitted herring populations).

Well, that’s what I think anyway.

* The Book Formerly Known As Dead Centre
** I have GOT to find a better acronym than that.