I have to be brief because there are in-laws waiting...

January smells. Not sure of what yet, but it definitely smells of something. It might be hard work. Difficult to tell with a cold.

Anyhow, as I’m midst-dinner-cooking I will refrain from the usual rambling nonsense. Ish. January will see three things coming to the online version of Casa MacBride: Skeleton Bob And The Witches Hat; something SUPER SECRET involving Book 3 and a quantity of custard; and a couple of competitions too.

Unfortunately Nephew Logan has chickenpox at the moment and has been a Skeleton Bob free zone – so no posting of the story online until he’s had a chance to get his sticky little paws on the original. I was thinking though (hard to believe, but it does happen) do you think the whole ‘Win a Signed Paperback and Some Liquorish’ thing is enough of an incentive, or should I spice it up with ‘And an Exclusive pickie of Skeleton Bob’ for the overall winner?

Tomorrow we’ll have a 2005 retrospective. Promise*.

* Promise not valid before 13th Feb 2006 in areas not covered with clingfilm.