An embarrassment of riches*

Yes, the first review of the new Skeleton Bob is in**! The world famous James Oswald had this to say:

James Oswald - he has dogsMake no bones about it, you'll laugh and you'll be moved to tears by the latest story from the life of poor Skeleton Bob.

No skin, no muscles, just a hand-knitted pink romper suit to his name. But times are hard, and Bob needs to earn some cash. Who would employ such an unluckly fellow?

In Skeleton Bob and the Witches Hat, we see our young hero grow, if not in stature, then in maturity. He learns that the world is not always kind to the deformed, and that a bargain is not always what it seems.

A poignant tale, sly and witty, Skeleton Bob and the Witches Hat takes the reader to places he never could have imagined. Places he might well wish he never had imagined.

Thanks James! Next stop the Times bestseller list.

* Well, embarrassing because there’s only one of them, but it’s a start, yes?
** As we continue with our shameless hypeathon in true Lee Goldberg stylie.