Big Name Author Boy

Mark Bolan and his performing hairMark Bolan and his amazing performing hair...

Oh yes, I may have to get myself a Mark-Bolan-style wig, drug habit and drink problem, for I’m off to tour the good old US of A. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow (well, definitely not today or tomorrow as I’ve not packed and don’t have a ticket), but towards the end of August / beginning of Septemberish. For I am Author Boy!

Why do I say this? Because a copy of the St. Martin’s Minotaur Spring – Summer 2006 catalogue has recently come into my possession. And there, on page 48 is ‘DYING LIGHT’ (and page 49 as well – a two page write-up with lots of glowing reviews, coz I is special*) with the words ‘National Author Tour’ attached to it. EEEEEEK! Cue girly jumping up and down with optional elbow waving.

How cool is that? A trip to the States, all the buffalo wings I can eat, champagne, caviar, hot and cold running strippers**. St. Martin’s Press: gotta love them, because they’re great. The exact dates, venues, quantity of buffalo wings have yet to be confirmed, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be boasting my little fuzzy head off when they are.

Next stop groupiesville!

* In a bumbling about, needing help to tie my own shoelaces kind of way.
** Well, it’s never as much fun if they just stand still: “Chase me, chase me!”