A time for dying

Remember I was whinging on about our video recorder biting the big one? Well now the DVD player has done the same. It’s like a bloody plague round here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the cry of ‘Bring out your dead’ for the DVD player, but last time I managed to resurrect it. Dragging it kicking and screaming back into the land of the living with the aid of a toolkit and certain manly swearwords. Yes, ours is the Lazarus of DVD players. Only Jesus didn’t use a screwdriver (that we know of) and the disciples didn’t then stick DVDs in the newly arisen Lazarus so they could watch Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey stagger about* for a bit**.

Only this time there was to be no more night of the living dead. This time the corpse of the DVD player refused to be reanimated to dance to my dark purpose.

This time it’s terminal.

* Link not Firefox friendly I’m afraid.
** Well, they might have done, but the Bible is kinda sketchy about what the lads all got up to after a few pints and a curry.