One to one (and a bit)

Left Coast Crime is coming up in March, and I’ve been quite surprised by the list of participants posted on the website. Not because there are so many super-dooper purveyors of murder, mayhem and casual violence attending, but because there’s almost as many of them turning up as real people*.

Right now the website lists 102 authors and 139 real people. That’s one writer for every 1.36 persons. Talk about a prime opportunity for hob-knobbing and shoulder rubbing. So if you’re looking to pick up a crime writer: LCC is the place to be! Book now to avoid sobriety.

Not sure what I’m going to be doing there, but I’m guessing propping up the hotel bar is going to feature heavily. But hopefully this time I won’t be there quite so often when the thing shuts at half five in the morning. Mind you, considering Naughty Alex Barclay and Michael Marshall are going to be there (drinking Benylin into the wee smalls no doubt) I get the nasty feeling it will.

* I use the term ‘real people’ to differentiate them from the crime-writing weirdoes, but in reality there are agents, booksellers and publishers in there too. Who are also weird, but in a different way.