On the Twelfth day of Christmas...

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Yes, this is the last day I can guilt-trip you into rubbing my naughty button, unless you come back later with a need for rubbage. Mmm, rubbbbb...

And relax... that’s us. Done. Hahahahahaha! Thank GOD.

Anyway, as this is the last one I thought we’d go out with a bang (literally if not metaphorically) and so I present for your delectation, delight and general mean-spirited ridicule:

12: Drummers Drumming

I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and if not: I hope you get a really itchy bum that makes you fidget and wriggle all the way through the festive season. That’ll teach you. And a big thank you to everyone who’s been clicking away like mad on the HungerSite button.

As a bit of a first, and taking my cue from these lovely people, I’m going to run a competition! Hurrah! The UK paperback of Cold Granite comes out soon, and as I never got to see any of the advertising in situ when the hardback came out I want people to post pickies of themselves and the posters. Best three or four will get signed paperbacks and maybe some strange foreign liquorish! Oh, the thrill of it all.

And now I’m off to make Chicken Liver pate and put up the Library Tree.