On the Tenth day of Christmas...

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*To operate: close your eyes (once you’ve finished reading these instructions), clench your buttocks, and picture your least favourite politician. Got them? Good. Now click the button to send 1,000 volts shooting up their rectum!

Hurrah – can you see it? The light at the end of the tunnel? You only have two more of these things to suffer and then we’re all free! Hahahahahahaha! I intend to go find some virgins to sacrifice for Jim (as he’s got them Winter* blues), then go frolicking through the nearby badger-infested woods hunting for mistletoe with one of those little scythe things Getafix has in the Asterix the Gaul stories. Mmm, druidy...

Anyway, today we have a dainty little tale of lost hope and discovery. There are no nipples in this one, but if you look really carefully in the background of the ‘Circus Of Nature’s Cruellest Jokes’ scene you might just be able to spot a naked bottom. But I’m not allowed to say whose it is for legal reasons.

10: Lords a Leaping

Is it just me, or are these are getting happier and bubblier as we get towards the end?

* Pun intended.