Day Eleven

click on this button to feed someone - for free - who's hungry


Go on. Click it. Oooh, you know you’ll feel soooo good if you do. All warm and sticky. Like a microwaved hedgehog*

* Health and Safety Warning: If you’re microwaving hedgehogs, make sure you prick them first, or they’ll explode. BOOOM! And that’s hell to clean up.

Yes - it’s been a long and winding road, but at last we’re coming to the end of our journey. Just the one more stop to make and the magic bus is back off to the station. Its tyres are a little bald and there’s a smell of wee in the back. Someone’s been sick. Half-eaten egg sandwiches litter the floor along with empty crisp packets and what looks like a finger.

But before we get all teary-eyed and say our goodbyes we’re taking a little detour down a cul-de-sac of lurve...

Oh yes: what Christmas collection would be complete without a little story about Santa?

11: Pipers Piping

And we’ll be back tomorrow for our final thrilling instalment* of this nonsense.

* Well, I say thrilling, but obviously I’m lying.