Uncle Stuart wins again.

Yup, it’s taken the miracles of modern medicine three days, but at long last Little Rowan MacBride has arrived. Ha! In your face everyone who said it was going to be a boy / wind. Uncle Stuart is always right.

And at 2.25Kg (a whopping 4.96 pounds) that’s quite a lot of baby. Heaps of it in fact. SIL Kim is fine, if knackered, and now sports a trendy tummy zip. Ah those whacky doctor types.

::: Updatearama :::

My correspondent has now informed me that the birth weight was 4.25Kg, rather than 2.25, which comes in at a svelte 9 pounds 6 ounces.

(in a nice way**)

In other, less baby-flavoured news*, I’ve been fighting with a shorty of late. And the buggering thing’s been less than cooperative. And then today, it hit me: if I tie it to a lawn chair and take a kitchen knife to it, I can make it into two short stories that work, rather than one that doesn’t.

And in otherer news – here’s something from Agent Phil: "A French woman has admitted attempting to open an aeroplane door mid-flight so that she could smoke a cigarette." Proof if it were needed that we share a chunk of our genome with bananas.

And now – to the bat cave!

* Well, I call it news, but really it’s nothing more than ill-informed gossip and pointless conjecture.
** High birth weight being associated with intelligence and general longevity.