Today I have been mostly sweating over two paragraphs. That's right: count 'em - two! They’re not on the same page, or even in the same chapter, but they’re roasting my toasties at the moment. For some reason every time I look at tem I have the niggling thought that something’s not right. I know they need to be there, and I know the have to be EXACTLY the same length (any longer, or shorter and they’ll screw up the typesetting for the whole chapter) I just think they need to be ‘different’.

This is the very, very last bit of page proof editing. After this, there is no more. And HC are perfectly within their rights to say, ‘Stop fucking about with these paragraphs! They’re fine! EVERYONE ELSE LIKES THEM!’...

But still, I have that niggling feeling. Like someone’s dropped a live lobster down your shorts*, then played it the Brandenburg Concerto.

This is the curse of the perfectionist. Look upon thy works, ye write-ists, and despair!

* With the claws taped shut of course, I mean, we’re not looking to have any nasty accidents here!