Paperback and stuff

Yes, the first review of the CG paperback is in and it’s none too shabby either (beware though - thar be spoilers - but only a little one). Which is nice. Paul Norman from is clearly a man of great insight, even if he is a bit hairy about the knees. He also has nice things to say about ‘Charley’s War’ by Pat Mills and Joe Colqhoun. I mention this only because 1: it’s a great piece of grown-up comic history, and 2: I’m pretty sure Agent Phil is responsible for representing it (at least he’s got a copy on his ‘shelf of stuff what I represent’, so I’m making the assumption...).

The actual Paperback - Drop It In The Bath And You Can Just Go Buy Another One Without Having To Cry Because You’ve Just Ruined A Hardback - Edition of Cold Granite is going to be out in January (the 14th if you’re counting) so a bit of advance praise is always welcome. With any luck we’ll sell gazillions of copies and I’ll be able to buy that 44-foot yacht I’ve had my eye on all these years. Or maybe even a new video – ours has decided to abandon its vows of abstinence and chow down on any and all tapes inserted into it. Which is bad enough, but it doesn’t even have the good grace to supply a picture while it does it, just munches away in blue-screen secrecy. You can hear the agonised wail of the movies / programs / actors, but that’s it.

I wouldn’t mind so much (after all, you can buy a DVD recorder for under £80.00 this Chrimbo), but She Who Must and I still have a wadge of videos we like to dip into now and again. What would be the point of the yuletide without our annual pilgrimage to ‘Groundhog Day’, ‘the Bishop’s Wife’, ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’, ‘Harvey’ and ‘the Philadelphia Story’?

Damn video recorder.