Lee Goldberg's not the only one...

I got this email today:


I am flying to w.ork in the USA for 12 weeks may be we can meet each other and have some fun time or may be more. I am looking forward to receiving your message to my personal email (email address removed to protect the deluded).
I will reply with a p.ic.

I am cute girl

Do not hreply to this email. WriteQ to me directly.

curium mansfield dispersible smythe asynchrony alteration anecdotal commingle sharpshoot angelo anastasia becker arson sabina conferrable medusa planoconcave veridic

Christ knows where this person got my email address from, but sorry: She Who Must doesn’t like me making assignations with strange people. Even if you genuinely are a cute girl and not a hairy man sitting in his parents’ basement somewhere.

OK, so this could be my first, genuine groupie (yippee), but I’m guessing probably not. What DOES interest me though, is that bit at the end: “curium mansfield dispersible smythe asynchrony alteration...” WTF?

Is this some kind of code? I tried doing the initial letters thing, but all I get is C.M.D.S.A.A.A.C.S.A.A.B.A.S.C.M.P.V. which is an anagram of “a cad MacVamp ass scab”. Not that appealing really.

Anyone got any ideas?