Forgotten Gems

I finally managed to finish the cataloguing of books and other sundries today – there was WAY more than I ever thought – and discovered a couple of things I hadn’t thought about it ages. And they’re not even ‘books’. Well, not in the strictest sense. For today I did rediscover Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. Which was a bit of a sod as it put the cataloguing back by about an hour.

What a bloody great piece of storytelling. Brand spanking revolutionary in its day, quickly imitated by all and sundry, and it still stands as one of the slickest things I’ve ever bought.

Another treasured find was 'Electra Assassin'*, another Frank Miller story, but this time with Bill Sienkiewicz providing the visuals. And they’re stunning. Pretty, pretty, pretty book. It took a lot to put it down and get back to work.

So now the cataloguing’s done I’m off writing a shortie about a thirteen-year-old drug dealer and some hookers...

It’s a wholesome way to spend a Wednesday.

* Which has bugger all to do with the film as far as I'm aware.