Or: POP goes the sister-in-law.

Today is going to make life a lot easier: not only is it She Who Must Call Her Mother To Wish Her A Happy Birthday Because She Was At A Boozy Lunch Yesterday And Came Back Too Pickled To Post The Card*’s mum’s birthday, but Kim (wife of Googling Brother Christopher) is off into hospital today to get induced. Seems little Euphemia** MacBride is definitely taking after her dad – a fortnight late and in no hurry to come out. Probably has a big book of Dilbert cartoons in there and a steady supply of Pot Noodles – that’s Christopher’s idea of heaven. So we’re going to have mother-in-law and niece-flavoured birthdays both on the same day. Only one date to remember! Hurrah.

Or it means if we forget one date, two birthdays go with it. Hmm...

Mind you, given the Christopher gene it’s entirely possible little Euphemia still won’t come out. Induced or not. Unless they lay a trail of Chicken Curry Pot Noodles between the stirrups. My guess is they’ll have to go in after her with a crowbar.

Daddy’s girl indeed.

* Hmm, might have played that one out a bit too far.
** If it’s a girl***, Ignatius if it’s a boy.
*** And I’m betting it is: £5.00 – though everyone else seems to have conveniently ‘forgotten’ the wager. Stinkers.