4 dead mice and the contents of my sister-in-law's uterus

No, those things aren’t connected (not that I know of anyway, but who can tell with these crazy kids nowadays?), other than they’re both Saturday-flavoured. Tonight we have dinner with Googling Brother Christopher and his HEAVILY pregnant wife, Kim. And when I say HEAVILY pregnant, I mean she’s due to go ‘POP!’ tomorrow. So tonight might be an interesting one, ending with a last-minute white-knuckled ride to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, cigars and champagne.

The four dead mice come courtesy of Grendel – three huge, hairy monsters and one teeny-tiny thing that looks like it would have fit in a very small egg cup. None of whom had heads. Munch, munch, crunchity-crunch. Do you think in cat pubs they serve crispy mouse heads with chips or jacket potato and seasonal vegetables? Shot of cat nip, and a side order of crunchy mouse heads - £2.50 (well, they can’t charge too much: cat’s don’t tend to get much pocket money. At least ours doesn’t. Not till she learns to wash the windows anyway. Slacker.)

And in non-associated news, I got a couple of proofs in the post for Dying Light’s cover. Mmm, nice! Very happy with it. COMPLETELY different from the one they’ve got up on Tesco’s website. More of which later. Possibly. You never know.

I've added a couple of pics to the Leven post (as provided by the lovely June - who managed to make sure she wasn't in any of them. Suspicious that...)