una cartolina dall'Italia

Guess what I got in the post? An postcard. An postcard featuring a mosaic of the Parthenon. An postcard from ROME! An postcard with a nice message on it from Mr Brian Rust* about Cold Granite.

It always surprised me when people take the time to get in touch and say that they liked the book. Especially those who go the extra yard to write in. Makes all the sitting on my bum, making stuff up, seem worthwhile. Puts a big cheesy smile on my face. Thank you Mr Rust – you are a star.

Now, being a Stuart of little brain, I looked at the picture on the front of the postcard and thought – ‘Someone’s taken my book on holiday with them to Rome, liked it, and sent me a postcard. How cool is that? OK, so he probably had one left over from all the friends and relations, but...’ then I read the bit printed on the back: ‘07 Micro Mosaic, The Parthenon, Rome. Detail from an inlaid malachite table top on display in Duff House, Banff.’ ... oh.

It’s also postmarked from Maidstone.

Ah yes, we crime write-ists are observant fellows, minds like steel traps. I think there’s a dead mouse in mine.

Still, it is a fine postcard and I shall be sending one back forthwith. Well, forwith-ish. I’ll have to go and buy some postcards first. And maybe some stamps. I’ve got plenty of pens though, so at least that’s a start...

* Clearly a man of wit, perspicacity, and too much ouzo**.

** OK, so that’s Greek, but it’s the though that counts...