Short and Curlies

My GOD, will the showbiz madness never end? Yes, the latest in a very short line of public outings will soon be up us. Well, it’ll soon be upon me, but it’s my blog, so nyah. Monday, 17th October 2005 sees the MacBride publicity behemoth resting on its bearded laurels at CURL ABERDEEN! Yes, the Aberdeen Ladies Curling Club are having a superstar signing session* this Monday coming.

Actually I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. You get some ribald types at these curling clubs. It’s all that sliding up and down the ends that does it. And as all the best curling stones are made of polished granite, what better a venue to sign a book called what my book is called?

Mine mother’s been a curling fanatic for a long time now and her friends** have been buying my book by the pallet-load and inflicting them upon their friends in an never-ending cycle of pain and torture. And as some of these delightful (but deluded) souls have been asking about getting their books signed, the forthcoming event has been arranged.

I’m looking forward to it: curling is hella therapeutic. Chucking great big dods of stone about on slippery slithery ice, then scooting away after it, watching as it batters the living hell out of the stones others have already slithered down there... And it's even more fun after a couple of nippy sweeties. Just as long as you remember to wear your thermals.

* Only sans-superstar. I might wear a spangly jumpsuit, and kid on I’m someone famous: you never know...

** Loyal and lovely ladies that they are: God bless and keep them, every one.