Not again!

Looks like meme silly season is upon us. No sooner do I recover from Gabriele’s 32-5 infection when Holly ups and gives me a nasty dose of the ‘joy’s as well. Like a snorking head cold and midge buboes isn’t enough for my beleaguered immune system to deal with!

“Search for the word ‘joy’ in your back posts and ponder...” yadda, yadda, yadda. You know the drill by now. One good thing about this infectious indignity is being reminded about the ‘site:’ search facility in Google (ah, remember the good old days when Blogger used that instead of it’s poopy proprietary search that doesn’t bring anything back?*)

Right, so all Googled up and armed with Lemsip, we have the post 'Cheese and Whine', wherein the word ‘joy’ is used in a non-sarcastic manner, believe it or not. OK, the post itself is about getting a hatchet job review from some bloke in the Guardian, but the ‘joy’ reference was genuine enough. (Incidentally, the same paper gave the audio version of CG a reasonable review. Go figure. Maybe the abridgers cut out all the crap bits? )

Ahh... if you’ve ever suffered from a serious ear infection, you’ll appreciate the unfettered delight that comes with having your ears syringed. Especially if you’re on your honeymoon at the time. From muzzy painful can’t-hear-ish-ness to blissful, pain-free listening. Relief from agony and antibiotics, freedom to drink wine and beer and nasty banana-liqueur-based cocktails! Mmmmm... That’s your money shot, right there.

* Yes, I know I don’t like to criticize blogger, as they do all this for free, but when the search function was Google-based it worked: that’s all I’m saying. OK?

And now – in accordance with the WHO guidelines on infectious meme-related diseases:

Now Wash Your Hands!