Memes: the internet herpes

This is what happens when you get intimate with other people’s blogs – you get nasty, meme-ish infections that need a visit to the special clinic. I blame Gabrielle, for many things. I told her we should have been wearing rubber gloves, but would she listen to me? Noooooo, that would have been too sanitary.

As an avid adherent to the World Health Organisation’s guidelines on the non-transmission of nasty diseases, I will not spread the germs and tag anyone else. But the idea was that you find the 23rd post you ever made on your blog and re-post the 5th sentence. Then ponder the whatnot and doodad of it. Of course, as memes are parasitic diseases, you’re then supposed to infect five other poor bastards. But remember what the W.H.O. say,

“Keep germs at bay: kill a meme today!”

Post number 23:

Monday, December 13, 2004 – ‘An Odd Thing This ‘Publishing A Book’ stuff

Sentence number 5:

‘Previous to this, her favourite quote from my work was “Bottoms, bottoms, tee-hee-hee…” Classy stuff, no?’

Ponderous hidden meaning:

She Who Must, although cleverer than me, and equipped with a degree from St. Andrews University (churning out weirdoes since 1413), is inclined to laugh like a drain at low-brow humour. This means I have to continually lower my own refined sensibilities to keep her entertained. It’s a struggle, but I am a good husband, I took an oath after all. Love, honour and cherish. And tell the occasional smutty/puerile joke. Involving fartings.

Historical bollocks:

The post was about seeing the synopsis written by the marketing persons at St. Martin’s Press for Cold Granite for the first time.

Number of comments post received:

Bugger all.

Now Wash Your Hands!