The long lost past

Coincidences are like cheese in the great buffet of life: omnipresent and sometimes deep-fried. And occasionally served on little sticks with bits of pineapple. But always a part of the weft and weave. And to prove this fact I did get an email today, via the website of DOOM...

Don MacBride posted this on Tuesday 11-Oct-2005
hmmm remember me? last met at Baltic chambers, Wellington St Glasgow about quarter century ago, assuming you are who I think you are! loved checking out your site, will be sure to check out the book. should this be a case of mistaken identity, apologise for any confusion caused. good luck! Dm

Bleedin heck – Baltic chambers, MacBride, 25 years ago... ’tis a blast from the veritable past! Yes Don, I am who you think I am (unless you think I am someone who I’m not, in which case I’m not them, but me instead) and have been for a number of years now. I’ve tried taking the pills, but it always ends up in a dreadful, embarrassing scene involving public nudity and shaven knees.

How about that, the internet actually proved useful for something!?!