Huntly Halloween-stylie

The Deveron Arts Haloween Festival

Yes, tomorrow is the big day – my first ever crime writering workshop*. Actually, it’s also my first ever solo event. Up until now I’ve always had fellow panellists and a moderator to fall back on. Well, the twice I’ve been on panels, anyway. But not tomorrow – tomorrow it’s all beard all of the time. Yowza, yowza... ahem.

And, apparently some people have already bought tickets! I’m hoping I’m not going to wander into the Brander Library tomorrow to be faced with half a dozen steely glares from the FRFLA**. Maybe I should put a call into the United Nations in advance, just in case?

The way I figure it, I’ve got an hour and a half to do my funky thang, and about eleven things to talk about. So less than nine minutes to fill on each topic. Which doesn’t sound too bad.*** After that I plan to retire to the nearest pub for a libation and a singsong.

Mind you, if it goes badly I may just end up being escorted from the premises with a blanket over my head. One never knows.

* Brought to you courtesy of those lovely people at Deveron Arts
** First Rankin Fundamentalist Liberation Army
*** Which should immediately set alarm bells ringing