Curly Wurlies

Curl Aberdeen - where the ALCC do their thang...

Yesterday's escapade at the Aberdeen Ladies' Curling Club went much better than I'd ever imagined. Not only was everyone extremely nice and friendly I also got to meet some potential sources for information. Oh yes! I now know someone who owns three bars in Aberdeen. Count 'em – three. And she seems dead keen to have at least one of them in the next book. Bwahahahaha... This means I get to hang about in a bar and call it work! Not to mention a potential tour of an old folks home, and a couple of other snippets as well. Result!

And not only that, they were extremely generous as well. When mine mother set it up it was because her friends had wanted to get their books signed, and maybe pick up a few more copies. Christmas / birthday presents. That kind of thing. "How many books?" says I. "Oh," comes the reply, "better make it about... what... two dozen?"

Now that's quite a lot of books. But bless her little cotton socks, the lovely Vicky at Ottakar's lent me three boxes of eight to take to the curling rink, on the understanding that I would probably be bringing most of them back again. Nope. Not one. Not a single copy made it back into town. In fact, I had to get another four out of stock when I went back to drop off the cash. Amazing.

What a lot of lovely ladies – they said so many nice things I could barely fit my head back in the car afterwards. Grin, you'd have thought I'd swallowed a shark.

Aberdeen Ladies' Curling Club: we salute you!