Without whom

Well I thought that the whole ‘thanks and doodad’ part of the book would be the easiest, but more fool me. And not for the first time. There’s a strange pressure involved in the whole acknowledgement thing: who to thank, how much to thank them...? And do they actually want to be thanked?

This is quite a big thing in crime fiction: I got a lot of very useful information from a certain person (who shall remain nameless) about Craiginches prison in Aberdeen, but who REALLY doesn’t want to be named. That leaves me in a slightly awkward position: I want to say thank you, but I’m honour-bound not to...

Then there are all the people that have done stuff to make the book a success, you know: sales and marketing people, or publicists, or just normal people who’ve bent over backwards to make sure the book is out there and getting bought. I can’t thank them all individually – because I’ve never met most of them – but I know that any success I have is down to them.

So I suppose this is my best chance to say “thank you” “God bless” and “Eat More Cheese” to everyone who helped me tell the story of ‘DYING LIGHT’, without you it’d be nothing but a pile of old poo.