Standing Alone

One good thing about taking an extended hiatus on the TSA front, is that it’s allowed me to have a good think about one element of the plot. I had a cool idea as to what I wanted to do to one of the characters, but no idea of how. When I was writing away, before the whole edity and title distractions of Dying Light, this was beginning to loom. In a looming kind of way. I had the event in my plan, but it just wasn’t coming together.

Then, in the cool space of an early morning cuppa, it came to me: bugger the plan. It wasn’t going to work without my taking a crowbar to the character, so to hell with it. The cool idea has been relegated to the pile marked ‘Poo’ in the corner*. There is a much nastier idea that has fermented in its place. Much darker and nastier. Which should change the tone of the whole last third of the book. Making it the darkest thing I’ve ever written. That’ll be fun.

So there you go – the long pause on TSA might be a pain in the arse, but at least it’s got a silver lining.

* Well, it’s not literally marked ‘Poo’, after all, don’t want to give the cat the wrong idea...