Shirt and tie

I have noticed something of a slip in my work ethic of late. Let’s be honest here – I’ve become a lazy bastard. Having a think about it last night, I came to the conclusion that this working from home malarkey is just a bit too cosy. I get up, I saunter through for breakfast, I watch the morning news, I play with the cat / clean the kitchen / do domestic stuff… Then, when I finally do sit down in front of the computer it can take me until after lunch to get through what pretty much amounts to nothing: emails, bloggin and other such internet frippery.

So today I decided to have a non-casual day. Yup, I’m working from home and I’m wearing a shirt and tie. Not Stig’s Inferno stylie though, I am actually wearing underwear and trousers. Well, jeans. Fiona thinks this is an affront to my normal sartorial elegance – jeans with a formal shirt? Never! – but I’m not that fussed. Above the waist I’m all business in my shirt and tie. Below the waist, it’s party time. Wink, wink.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I managed 107 pages of editing today. MUCH better than I’ve been managing of late. I’m reigniting my work ethic with a non-dressing-down day. How odd is that?

Still, what ever crisps your cookies...