The relentless march of the beards

Mr James 'smelling-of-cheese' OswaldJames Oswald as drawed by me.
Think they'll use this on his book?

Yes, bearded writing takes another step forward this week with James announcing he’s been given an offer of representation from the fine chaps and chapesses at a good agency*. Hurrah! Hopefully, by this time next year I’ll be gearing up for a trip down to Welshest Wales for a nice launch party and all the canapés I can eat! After all, didn’t get any at my own one, did I (though a weirdo did make off with about half a ton of them)?

James and I have been ‘writing buddies’ – but not in a dirty way – for more years than I care to remember, so I’m extremely chuffed to see him getting an offer from a good agent. And I’m going to be even more chuffed when it turns into a three / four book deal. That way I’m guaranteed a free plateful of canapés for years! Hahahaha! And wine too! Bwahahahahaha... Ahem.

OK, when I say ‘this time next year’ I might be pushing it a bit - publishing timescales being what they are, and getting an agent being only one step on the way to getting published** - but I’m sure it’s going to be soon. So big up and congratulations to Mr James, the world’s your oyster me lad: salty and smellin' of the sea. Aaaaaarrrrr...***

* He hasn’t named them on his blog, so I feel it would be imprudent to do so here. ’Cause I was brought up proper I was.
** But a bloody HUGE one.
*** Oops, came over all pirate there again.