108 days till Christmas

Yes, Christmas is coming and I do smell all of Vimto*. Went into Tescos today, for to pick up some stuff for tea, and what do I see sitting on the shelves in the ‘seasonal’ isle? Bloody advent calendars and Christmas cake! It’s SEPTEMBER! Hello?

That would be enough of a shock to the system for anyone, but some lovely Tesco lady stocking the shelves decided to detonate a Vimto bomb in isle sixteen. Didn’t even shout ‘Fire in the hole!’ first, either. Spwooooooooooooooooosh! And everything is covered in sticky fruity drinky stuff. Mmm, sticky... So now I and all my shopping are mildly adhesive and attract wasps.


* And yes – we all know it’s an anagram of vomit, how great a marketing department must they have?