Then three come along, all at once

Coincidence is a funny thing, though not in a ‘ha ha’ kind of way, more of a ‘Why are my socks damp? Have I stood in something…? Eeeew!’ Anyway, where was I? Oh, yea, right: today’s coincidence comes courtesy of Mr White, who wants us to talk about the craft of writing, rather than the business of getting published. This coincidences me because I’ve been offered a gig in Huntly at the end of October by the lovely people at Devron Arts. I can do a reading and then a Q&A, or maybe some sort of ‘Crime Writing Workshop’, if I like.

Now I’ve never been to a writing workshop, so I have no idea what goes on in them. I did some internet trawling yesterday to get a feel of what might be expected and the one thing that sticks most in my mind is that if I’m falling asleep reading the promotional material, how good can the course be?

I have to confess that the idea of doing a workshop appeals, even if it’s just to do something new. And I’ve got an hour to fill. Call it twenty minutes for questions (if I’m lucky and people don’t just sit there staring at me in silence, wondering if there’s going to be cheese and wine at the end, and how much can they get away with drinking before someone notices and throws them out), two minutes for introductions, another five for ‘Stuff About Me’, and that’s still leaves a good half hour where people get numb bums listening to me read from a book. How exciting would that be?*

So, the question for today’s class is: were one to do a workshop, what would you expect to see / do / get out of the experience?

* Plus it brings back unhappy memories of being stuck in English class, forced to read the part of Macbeth for pages and pages of iambic-bloody-pentameter. *shudder*