Spinetingler Magazine - Fall 2005 editionThe lovely Sandra Ruttan succumbed to my nefarious charm at Harrogate – it’s the beard that does it – and the fruit of our unholy union is now available online! Yes, those fine Canadian lads and lassies of Spinetingler Magazine have got a review of Cold Granite, Simon Kernick’s ‘A Good Day To Die’ and Mark Billingham’s ‘Lifeless’, along with a slew of short stories. And then, as if that particular lily needed any more gilding, there’s also an interview with me playing the role of the person being asked questions. And to think it all started because I tried to force Michael Connelly's left-over crisps* on her at two in the morning... Ah, great days.

You can download the magazine in PDF form from : www.spinetinglermag.com It’s the current (fall) issue, you’ll be lookin’ for me harties… Arrrrrrr…

Hmm, seem to have come over all Pirates of the Caribbean; must have been something I ate. That or an adverse chemical reaction in my brain to having to do a bloody VAT return today! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Avast me harties!

* Ready salted if you must know. I'd always thought him to be a more prawn-cocktaily kind of guy myself, but I suppose it just goes to show: you never can tell.