Not so short

Well my first cosy is done, weighing in pre-edit at 6,152 words, which seems a hell of a lot to me. Only three dead bodies in it too (if you don’t count the naked corpse in the shed at the start), so it’s positively tame. And it’s been fun to have this dalliance outside my normal genre. OK, so there’s a scene where someone gets beaten to death, but it’s got an old lady protagonist, so in my book it still counts as a cosy.

She Who Must Fall Asleep At A Ridiculously Early Hour Every Night (well, she does work for a living), is still reading Dying Light, so I can’t really get going on my final pass yet. I could try another shorty, but I think I’ll go indulge in a bit of pre-work for the third Logan book instead. After all, a couple of days aren’t enough to get back into TSA without it being a pain in the backside to drop everything and go back to Dying Light again...

Or maybe I’ll just try and sleep off this nasty cold? So many choices, I feel positively giddy*.

* But that might be the mucus talking. As it does.